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The dream

Filmmaking is what I want to pursue as a full-time profession. Over the past five years, I have helped people tell and share their stories through video. However, my personal genre of choice is documentary. Time and again I am drawn to the medium for the unique ways it enables me to tell stories. My passion projects, including the videos I post to YouTube and other longer-term videos, are created primarily as documentary pieces. 

My most recent documentary project is entitled 'FACES'. In order to practice my storytelling skills, I record interviews with interesting people and create short documentary projects encapsulating what makes each subject unique. FACES allows me to scratch my creative itch for documentary filmmaking and helps me further deepen my experience in the genre. 

I am eager for more opportunities in documentary filmmaking. My dream is to create longform documentary projects about interesting people and stories. For now, I will continue making videos that I enjoy and that challenge me to grow as a filmmaker. 

My favorites

A short documentary detailing my friend's travels in a custom van. Created August 2021.

Episode 2 of FACES featuring chef Peter Sauer. Created May 2021. 

A high-energy piece featuring my favorite subject-- my vintage Mercedes 300D. Created April 2021. 

A vlog in an experimental form; no selfies, no jump cuts, no dialogue. Created July 2021. 

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