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Your wedding, your choice.

Check out our video packages below. 



  • 2 min. stylized highlight video, perfect for sharing on social media 

  • Lightly edited recording of the ceremony (~20 min.)

  • Capture the essentials on a budget! 

Honeymoon Special

  • 2 min. stylized highlight video

  • Lightly edited recordings of the ceremony and reception (~40 min.)

  • Relive the day with more coverage of the festivities!

Premium Coverage

  • Full coverage of the day 

  • 5 min. stylized highlight video

  • Lightly edited recordings of the ceremony and   reception (~40 min.)

  • Getting ready, first looks, private vows, and dances

  • Capture the day to the fullest and relive it like you're there again!

Highlights anchor

Highlights contains the best moments of the day. The package includes a 2 minute, stylized video as well as a lightly edited recording of the wedding ceremony. Highlights gives you both a short video perfect for social media as well as a recording of your ceremony that can transport you back to the special moment for years to come.  

Honeymoon special includes a 2 minute, stylized video along with uninterrupted recordings of the wedding ceremony and reception (toasts, speeches, first dances). Since this package further preserves the day by including more moments from the festivities, it is a popular choice among couples. Weddings can be hectic, but having a longer video that documents the day allows you to relive it exactly as it happened.  

Honeymoon anchor

Premium coverage pulls out all of the stops. It consists of a 5 min. stylized video as well as a longer video including all of the significant events of the day. From getting ready to first looks all the way to the final dance of the night, the Premium coverage package is a comprehensive recording of your wedding. This package is also highly customizable. You will be able to choose everything from the moments captured to the tone of the final videos. If you want the best LML has to offer, the Premium coverage package is the way to go. 

Premium anchor

Personal, professional, affordable– every time. 


No matter which package you choose, we will bring hands-on, personalized service and attention to detail to your wedding. Our priority is to document your wedding in the best way you see fit and to help make your day unforgettable. Choose the package that's right for you and get in touch with LML! 

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