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The power of video

With stunning cinematography and FAA certified drone operation, LML Productions combines cinematic video tours with aerial footage to create breathtaking real estate videos. Our style emphasizes each home's features, layout, and location to draw potential buyers to the property. While photography and emerging technologies like 3D interior imagery are useful tools, video is unique in its ability to convey emotion. Potential homeowners can be transported into a property and begin to create a connection with their next home by watching a video tour of it. Whether it's a 60-second highlight reel for social media or a comprehensive video tour, many New England realtors recognize the power of video in selling homes. LML Productions can provide professional real estate video content at an affordable price. 




FAA-Certified drone pilot Mike LaSelva.

Aerial imagery

Drone photography is a simple, yet powerful way to showcase your property. In just a few photos, potential buyers can view the property in full. We capture 30-50 photos of each property showing it from different angles and heights in order to highlight its various features. Using software, we can also draw in the boundaries of the property and indicate nearby attractions like lakes, towns, and beaches. With aerial imagery by LML Productions, you can give potential buyers a new perspective of your property-- from the sky. 





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